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The event specially invited Ms. Wu Hong, the vice-chairman of the China Women’s Club, and the founding partner and president of Beijing Lianxinmeng International Public Relations Co., Ltd., as the guest speakers, to share their journey with entrepreneurs who have made unremitting efforts on the road of entrepreneurship, and to explore how to accurately locate them Take every step thoroughly and make the path of enterprise development more full. The special guests attending the seminar also included the representative of the Asia-Pacific jury who experienced the selection process in 2020, Ms. Yang Xiuli, the publishing general manager of Hearst Media Advertising Group in China, the winner of the Asia-Pacific region in 2020, and Yiyuan (Shanghai) Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd, The company’s chairman is Ms. Chen Chunhong, and Ms. Liang Shuyi, the CEO of Diamond (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., is a finalist in the 2020 Asia Pacific region. Research replica cartier watches is based on the theme of “Positioning determines status — walking each step of entrepreneurial success,” and guests discuss the key of each step of positioning from three stages of enterprise development.

 Guest Speaker Ms. Wu Hong

Speaker Ms. Wu Hong believes that positioning is a successful replica cartier. From the establishment of the Boao Forum to the establishment of Xinmeng Public Relations, Wu Hong successfully summarized high-end conference planning and management experience, developed it into an advantage, and positioned Xinmeng as a high-end public relations route, and has been cultivating into a stable development period. As a female entrepreneur, Ms. Wu Hong believes that female characteristics have certain advantages in the business field, and society should give more recognition to female business fake cartier watch. After the event, the guests and the entrepreneurs continued to discuss and share the fruits accumulated at each step of the entrepreneurial journey, and the cartier replica watches that collided and inspired during the exchange.