More and more people don’t want to get married. More and more people don’t believe in love. If I tell you, the story of the prince and Cinderella is real. The story of love beauty doesn’t love Jiangshan. You will Will not expect a little more from love?

The heroine of the story is the first woman to be selected as the “People of the Year” by Time magazine. She has had two marriages, and she has been a mistress. Her love story has been passed down from generation to generation. She is Wallis. • Simpson. The male protagonist of the story is King Edward VIII of England, the later Duke of Windsor. To meet Simpson, he retired the throne. When he abdicated his speech, he said: “I can lose everything I have, my property, my throne. But except Wallis, she is the home of my life. If she loses, she will lose everything about me. If that is the case, then where will I go?” In 1936, Simpson became the Duchess of Windsor, and the Duke of Windsor gave a Cartier Silver Replica Watch emerald ring to the Duchess as an engagement ring.

Duchess of Windsor wears a cheetah brooch.

In addition to the emerald ring, there is also a brightly cut diamond bracelet that also witnesses their love. The Duchess wore nine jeweled Latin crosses, each of which was a gift from the Duke of Windsor with the same gemstones, including aquamarine, tourmaline, ruby, yellow sapphires, amethysts, and long sticks. Shaped diamonds, each with a date and an inscription on behalf of their love and intimacy, represent the critical moments of their life from 1933 to 1944.

This “Cheetah” jewelry is one of the favorite collections of the Duchess of Windsor, and the numerous Cartier Replica products represented by the cheetah brooch have become classics with this love. Today, the cheetah is still one of the symbolic totems that Cartier Silver Replica Watch admires.

The leopard-shaped bracelet that the Duke of Windsor gave to the Duchess has known for a long time.

It is gorgeous, and the most special is the sturdy, long legs that can swing. This pin was a sensation in the world in 1987, and it became a mark of the auction.

Duchess wearing a Cartier Silver Replica Watch necklace

Another story is about the story of Cartier’s heir, Joseph Cartier Silver Replica Watch, and its designer, Jenny Dusan. In the spring of 1919, it was an extraordinary season for the 44-year-old Joseph Cartier. In April of this year, Joseph attended a gathering of the upper class in Paris. At the party, he met Jimmy Dusan, who was just 24 years old. Jenny mentioned the “Cheetah” jewelry worn by the Duchess of Windsor. Hand. I’m afraid no one thought that this would be a turning point for Cartier. Colleagues are also the beginning of a tragedy.

It is also the love of a prince and Cinderella. Like all the bridges of the idol drama, this love is destined not to be supported. But unlike the idol drama, after all the hardships, the two did not come to a successful ending. Joseph Cartier killed in a car accident, and the heartbroken Jenny put all his efforts into fulfilling Joseph’s wish. Enthusiastically invested in Cartier’s work, and finally achieved the brand’s story.

Chen Yuxi, Chen Xiao wear a couple of tables.

Chen Xiao wears a Cartier Silver Replica Watch watch.

On the wedding invitations of Chen Yuxi and Chen Xiao, the two wore lovers and wore a Cartier couple table. The picture was very loving. At the wedding, the two also chose Cartier jewelry and watches.

Ma Sichun wears a Cartier watch.

Countless women want to have Cartier. Many people like to propose and get engaged in the festival, witness the love of the token in addition to the regular roses and rings, Cartier watches are also very suitable, when you give time to the other party, love will also be eternal.