I often buy and enjoy all kinds of watches. But the most worn look is Rolex. Last year, Jian Jin Lao, Jian Jin DJ, Jian Jin Water Ghost, and Jian Jin Daytona wore the most. Today I would like to talk about Jinshuigi. Then I have another chance to speak about Jindi Tonna.

Compared to steel mills, Rolex Gold sports watches in the country have always been “slimy.” Rolex Gold Sport Watches are not as popular as Rolex Sport Watches. I also understand this phenomenon. Some young people believe that Daiken is “old-fashioned” and prefers Rolex steel watches. Many seniors like gold watches, but many do not buy sports pieces and choose DD, DJ. It makes the Rolex Gold Sport Watch market lower than the Steel Rolex Sport Watch. Steel shell water ghosts, Daytona steel shells, GMT steel shells, etc., are generally much higher than the official price, and the gold model is much more reasonable. My golden water ghost is the blue plate “Mean Jinlan” 116613LB. Everyone knows it.

The Rolex Golden Water Ghost also has a deep history and has a special place in Rolex history.

Historically, gold watches are usually formal watches. At antique watch auctions, it can say that standard eyes are mainly gold watches, and “tool watches” such as diving watches and flight watches made of steel. However, the situation changed in the 1970s after introducing the “luxury sports watch” represented by Audemars Piguet Royal Oak. “Tool clocks” such as diving clocks and flight clocks have begun to become more and more luxurious. Precious metals are starting to appear in “tool watches” (sports watches).

Rolex replica You can see many details about Rolex’s first Golden Water Ghost, 16803, 16803, which is different from the current Golden Water Ghost.

The Water Ghost (submarine) is a Rolex professional dive watch that has been used as a “tool watch” since its inception in 1953, developing more professional sea-style watches. Quite strangely, news that a Rolex representative (called Rene P Jeanneret) said at the beginning of the submarine design that the submarine’s potential formal wear was considered, and the corresponding design was worn. That is. Therefore, after the “tool clock” began to take the luxury route, the water ghost took the initiative when the builder model builder water ghost 16803 released in the 1980s. And in 1988, Jinshuigui announced 16613. Since then, Jianjin Water Ghost has become Rolex’s “pure tool clock” water ghost, sea ambassador, and a “bridge” between the official watch DD and DJ.

Replica Rolex-There is two types of Golden Water Ghost 116613, Blue Ceramic Circle and Black Ceramic Circle, which have the same design as Steel Shell Water Ghost 116610. The thickness of the bag is 40mm and 12.75mm. The 40 mm is the classic size of a Rolex sports watch, not too big or too small, and convenient to carry. At the same time, the comprehensive case indirectly increases the actual size of the watch. Middle gold model 116613, frame, crown, and central part of the arm made of 18K yellow gold (real gold) with a ceramic frame. The ceramic frame has a digital scale filled with gold. The cap of the watch and the middle part of the bracelet is shiny. The front of the case and the chain links on both sides of the bracelet brushed. The relatively sophisticated treatment of the bracelet between the ghost bag and Rolex in Goldwater reveals that the Rolex Water Ghost stands out in its luxurious style, in addition to the “tool watch” for professional diving watches. Is.

Rolex Golden Water Ghost, blue circle on blue disc and black circle on a black disc.

We remind you that because the Ghost Water Ghost uses a gold ring, the ring’s outer teeth are gold. Compared to stainless metal teeth on the back of the water ring, the gold is softer than steel, and the teeth on the end of the crew are the most comfortable places to knock. Gold’s back teeth are bruised and bruised. At that point, the number on the gold circle is full of gold, and the total amount of gold is just below the ceramic process and explored below. This gilded image is a place that is easy to taint and easy to taint. Since most of the area is golden, Jianjin’s demons vibrate more than water cannons, so please be very careful. But there is no doubt that the effects of Jian Jin Water Ghost are very positive.

Rolex Gold Water Spirit 116613, Blue gold.

Although Rolex has now replaced the 3235 series (32 series) on a larger scale, Rolex submariner replica Water Ghost and Gold Water Ghost are still using the Rolex 3135 faster. The 3135 tours started in 1988 and have been in operation for over 30 years. However, the 3135 (31 series) performance is known all over the world and is still one of Rolex’s core businesses. So far, the 3135’s journey uses the blue para chrome niobium of hers and has the latest green Rolex from the Super Observatory Resolution, with a daily error of 2 seconds -2 / -2 and a power of 48 hours. My gold and blue room is clear and 2 for Rolex + / -2. There is no need to connect back and forth for Rolex watches as regardless of recent or previous models, the quality is good (the 32 series has 70 hours of power, and the power is long).

Rolex 3135 automatic operation.

Rolex Gold Water Ghost uses the Rolex Oyster cup. The gold in the middle of the bracelet dramatically improves the experience of this watch. Jian Jingui also uses a quick method of swapping Rolex watches for theft, which can increase or decrease the bracelet’s length. Changing the size of a Rolex is very easy to use. Raise the end of the bracelet. You can slide, stretch, or cut for free. After changing, press the bottom of the bottom chain to close and secure it. It’s effortless. While many hours of well-known sports watches have the function of quickly changing pitch, the Rolex is one of the best.

Quick change of clasp in Rolex clock for theft.

Rolex sports watches are generally a work-in-progress sports equipment, a high-end, high-performance sport. The gold Rolex watch is typically the most popular in the market.