After launching the above chromometer label, Rolex fully integrated testing standards into the brand’s production line.

For Rolex, the product can only be advanced, as Philip Bentel explained to delegates at the Montreux International Timekeeping Conference hosted by the Swiss Timekeeping Association (SSC) in late September. “Since the late 1950s, Rolex has always used the term ‘superlative’ to describe the accuracy of branded watches. At that time, Rolex developed equestrian watches whose accuracy met the standard requirements of the time. Each Rolex chronometer observed and proved the carved dial with the words “Superlative Officially Certified Chronometer.” “Since 2015, Rolex Has further increased its requirements for measuring the reliability of a watch with strict standards. 2 / + 2 seconds.

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On the one hand, strict standards are in place, and on the other hand, it should equipped with relevant measurement instruments. With this in mind, Replica Rolex first observed the watch’s actual wear status, and based on the results of the survey, developed an utterly realistic test standard for the real environment. Then, Rolex set up a fully automated “superlative control” program to test time safety accuracy, water resistance, automatic winding, and clock power reserves in the production line. The new facility located on the ground floor of the production plant covers ​​more than 500 square meters and directly connected to an automated central inventory management system. Philip Bentall added: “This design has unique advantages. The watch does not need to leave the production line before being tested. Rolex also provides stable conditions for test equipment to ensure that the system is available 24 hours a day. Can walk. ”

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The first step in the “Superlative Control” fully automatic procedure is to completely turn off the clock. Two central shafts rotate a group of six, each clock’s automatic winding module. Two acoustic units can control the rotation range, runout error, and regular operation of the “window robot”. Next, check the accuracy of the time. A unique reading system can obtain high-resolution images of each pointer and then analyze these images in three-dimensional space to determine the information’s height. Each image linked to a GPS universal reference time. First, the watch placed on a rotating cytostatic device (for 6 hours), and then the clock is then tested in 7 stable locations as close to normal wear conditions as possible.