In recent years, Rolex sports watches have undergone a significant transformation from traditional stainless steel bezels to ceramic bezels. The Greenwich Type II was the first to receive a ceramic bezel, then a submarine-type watch, and a deep ocean dweller. Many people are surprised by the change, and there are many supporters of both types of borders. However, we at Bob’s Watches believe that Rolex is the perfect choice to convert to a ceramic bezel, and we will describe the reasons below.

Models like the new 116500 replica Rolex Daytona watches have a very durable ceramic bezel. Rolex said they are scratch-resistant and “almost invincible.” Rolex said the change is mainly due to the life of these bezels. One of the Rolex watches’ characteristics is a long service life, which is why these new bezels have added new dimensions. In addition to durability and longevity, these baffles look beautiful too. They have a unique shine, and for many people, they make the old traditional pearl pop.

But, like anything else, these deflectors are not without their flaws. For one thing, they are much more expensive to replace than traditional bezels. However, this offset by its longevity. Also, there are many stories where the ceramic bezel broken by applying a strong force (dropping or hitting the watch). However, these cases are rare, and the frame is usually stable. Also, for many reasons, many people like the look of the traditional bezel, while the popular GMT “Pepsi” and “Cola” bezels are not yet made of ceramic and may never be.

Overall, from a quality point of view, Rolex is, without a doubt, the right choice when switching to ceramic for your sports watch. The new deflector is stronger than the old one, is more scratch resistant, and has a longer life, which may offset the higher cost. Which baffle is more visually appealing is a question, but we prefer the ceramic baffle’s clean appearance.

Rolex series bezels: ceramic, aluminum, or stainless steel?

When choosing a Rolex sports watch, be it retro or modern, there are many options to choose from. These can include selecting a metal, designing a dial, choosing a bracelet, and choosing a bezel. Among the bezel options, the three most essential materials found in Rolex sports watches include ceramic, aluminum, and stainless steel. Here, we study three different types of deflectors and their advantages and disadvantages.

Ceramic Rolex bezel

More than ten years ago, Rolex filed a patent for a ceramic alloy and named it “Cerachrom,” where “complexion” comes from “ceramics” and “chrome” comes from Latin “color.” The new material first appeared on the 18K Gold GMT-Master II in 2005 in an array. And this unique GMT-Master II model, reference. 16718LN paved the way for future Rolex ceramic watches. The Cerachrom ceramic bezel is now available on a range of Rolex tool watches, including other GMT-Master, Submariner, Yacht-Master, and Daytona models. Also, the confusing Cerachrom solution is no longer just one color but also provides a two-color option, as shown in the reference. 116719 BLRO Red and blue border and connection. 116710BLNR Black / blue wall.

At the international fashion and jewelry exhibition in Basel in 2016, Rolex introduced the most popular watch of the year: stainless steel Daytona and black ceramic tiles. The Daytona collection already has clay options, but not much for young men of the same or platinum type. Judge. The 116500LN Stainless Steel has been a staple for Rolex dealers around the world for years, and it crashed soon.

Cerachrom ceramics’ advantage is its scratch and fades resistance so that the frame should remain unchanged for decades on the production line. The material also adds sparkle to Rolex because of its appearance. Sarcoma, on the other hand, also has disadvantages. For example, it is a delicate material, so it breaks easily. Also, it is much more expensive than an aluminum frame, so if the ceramic structure causes any damage, it will be much more costly to replace it.

Rolex aluminum plate (Rolex)

In the mid-1950s, Rolex replaced the aluminum panel. Aluminum frames are less prone to cracking than absorbent structures but tend to fade over time when exposed to the sun. That’s why some of the original aluminum bezels have changed color to the Rolex GMT – Masters Vintage, Rolex Vintage submarines, and vintage Rolex minutes. However, the color change does not detract from the value of vintage watches, but it is a feature that many Rolex Vintage collections love.

As mentioned before, Rolex replaced the aluminum frame with Cerachrom ceramic, so fans of older aluminum accessories must look for old or used Rolex models to get started. The main advantages of adding aluminum frames are availability and price. Replacing an aluminum sleeve on a Rolex watch is relatively easy and cheap.

Rolex (Rolex) Stainless steel plate

Currently, the GMT-Master, Submariner, Sea-Dweller, and Yacht-Master models are specially equipped with ceramic plates, while some Rolex series also equipped with stainless steel plates. For example, the fake Rolex Explorer II has a fixed 24-hour marking frame, while the new Air-King features a smooth dome stainless steel frame. Throughout the history of Rolex Daytona, you can always choose stainless steel panels up to this year. Today, however, as the Daytona ceramic bezel replaces the stainless steel option, the only metal panel currently available for the Rolex is the gold panel in two-tone or full Daytona models. To find an antique chronograph of Daytona with a steel panel, the replica Rolex watches market or antique is the best choice.

As there is no contrast between the case and the plate, the stainless steel plate on the stainless steel case provides a smoother appearance. Stainless steel is also reliable and won’t crack like other materials but will last easily—some Rolex users like the scratches on the watch as it shows that their beloved Rolex lives well.

Therefore, while Rolex replications for sale is rapidly evolving with its sports watches armed with ceramic tiles, the aluminum and stainless steel options are still highly appreciated and sought after by the brand’s fans. Each material has advantages and disadvantages. The main thing is to choose a care method that is both beautiful and practical.