rolex air king 116900

The replica Rolex air king 116900 is the cheapest of all Rolex watches. Compared to popular games like Water Ghost, Daytona, and Greenwich, the air king is “easily overlooked”, but the Airmaster is one of Rolex’s oldest brands. Today I want to talk to you. Where does the Air Master come from?

In 1945, Rolex had the name “Airmaster”.

When we hear this name, we will think that this watch may be related to airplanes. Rolex Airmaster is related to “air combat.” To hire British pilots to participate in the “British Air War” during World War II, Rolex launched a range of sky-related watches, all starting with the Air, including the Rolex Air Lion, Air Giant, Air King, and Tudor Air Tiger. Among them, only fake Rolex for sale continues to this day.

Rolex Air-King appeared in 1945. Rolex has disappeared, Air Giant. Tudor has disappeared Air Tiger.

In 1957, Rolex’s modern “Airmaster Series” was born.

Air King has become a significant series of Rolex sports watches, which began in 1957 (or 1958). The first model of the Airmaster is 5500. The 5500 confirms some of the essential characteristics of the Rolex Airmaster series. Including a polished bezel, a relatively simple dial, no additional functions, and the 34 mm size maintained for a long time in the history of Airmaster. The name of Air King also appeared on the dial. Airmaster 5500 and some branch models of 5500 produced from 1957 to 1990. The production time was very long, and they became essential entry models in Rolex sports watches.

Rolex Air-King 5500

Airmaster 5500 mainly uses two movements. One is the 1520 movement, and the other is the 1530 movement. The difference is that the adjustment accuracy of the action is different. The 1530 movement is a super precision level, and the word Super Precision printed on the dial of the watch; the 1520 campaign is a precision level, and the word Precision printed on the dial of the watch. It identified from the dial of the eye.

In Air-King 5500, there are some branch models. Airmaster 5700, known as Air King Date, is that Airmaster adds a magnifying glass calendar. Also, there is a very rare “exploring a plate” in the sky fighter. It is on the 34mm Kongba case that the “Tan Yi” dial used.

Explore a plate of “air tyrants.”

In 1991, Airbag 5500 was replaced by Airbag 14000.

In 1991, Rolex launched the Airmaster 14000, which upgraded based on 5500. The 14000 maintains a size of 34 mm, uses a sapphire glass mirror, and replaced with a Rolex 3035 series movement (specifically 3000, that is, the 3035 without calendar version). 14000 is still a polished bezel, and 14010 uses the “13-mark” bezel that is very familiar to old players. There are 13 raised vertical bars on the bezel as if the bezel has marked with 13 marks. So it is commonly known as “Thirteen Planes”.

In 2001, the Airmaster 14000 is model 14010 arm replaced with the new 3135 series movement (namely the 3130, i.e., the version without the calendar). Since then, the Airmaster has reached the same level as the Rolex that now sold on the move. Replace 31 series Airmaster move. The model adds M, which is 14000M and 14010M.

Rolex Air-King 14010 “13 Strokes”.

In 2007, the Air-King 114200 replaced 14 thousand.

In 2007, Rolex introduced the Airmaster 114200 to the market. Today, the 114200 is still highly traded in the aftermarket. It is also a modern air fighter that many players have encountered. The Airmaster 114200 still has a size of 34mm and a 3130 movement. The most significant change is that the watch’s face already imprinted with the iconic word of the officially certified superlative Rolex Super Chronometer. It replaces the precision (exact Chinese meaning) of the previous air tyrant. The 114200 is mainly a polished bezel, but at the same time also includes the 114210 with the “13-stroke” scope and the 114234 with the “dog tooth ring.”

Rolex Airmaster 114200 “color label.”

Up to the 114,200 Air King generation, Air King has become very fashionable. Like the colored discs, colored labels, and colored characters that old players know, the record-breaking space fighter appeared in the 114,200 generations. Contact with this generation of boxers. To this day, I feel that many models of 114,200 color are still fashionable, beautiful, and outdated.

Rolex replica Rolex air king 114234 “A record model with the teeth of a dog.”

By 2014, Rolex briefly shut down the Airmaster. Serial number 114200 does not belong to an air tyrant. Players familiar with Rolex will know that the number 114200 now belongs to the Rolex Oyster Perpetual 34mm watch. But two years later, Rolex launched the brand new Airmaster 116900. It’s the 40mm Airmaster that Rolex now sells.

Rolex Air-King 114234 “Drilling the dog tooth ring.

In 2016, the Air-King 116900 was born for sale.

The new Air-King 116900 launched by Rolex in 2016 is the most significant update in Airmaster history. It said that Airmaster has recovered and is effective. Air King 116900, for the first time, the size of the Skymaster has grown to 40mm, reaching the modern extent of the famous Rolex sports watches. The 34 mm Lao Kongba presented today is too small for a men’s watch and does not meet the current standards of men’s watches. Simultaneously, the Airmaster 116900 and the Rolex Green Glass Milgauss have the same housing, and the Airmaster 116900 also has an internal anti-magnetic box.

Rolex Airmaster 116900

The Air-King 116900 uses a new yellow-green color scheme, a yellow Rolex crown, English green letters ROLEX, used green, very fashionable, and replaced the iconic “Benz indicator” of Rolex sports watches. The dials 3, 6, and 9 of the clock are three-dimensional metal characters, and an inverted glowing triangle is visible at 12:00. The other time scales on the dial are the time scales. Digital prints are very attractive. Regarding the movement, the Airmaster 116900 is still the movement of the 3135 series (namely the 3131) and meets the current Rolex Super Observatory standard, with a daily error of + 2 / -2 seconds (green label standard).

Air tyrants are still on sale from fake Rolex air king, the cheapest sports watch. Air King 116900, the appearance value has improved significantly. The final actual price (current market) on a Rolex sports watch is better whether it is generally worn or bought for fun.

An interesting fact about Airmaster is that the old Airmaster often has some “custom company templates,” and some brand logos printed on the disc. Some companies need to personalize them as Rolex “gifts” and “rewards”. . Among them, Air King from “Domino Pizza” made the most significant impression on me because Domino’s stands next to my house.