I was not so fascinated by watches. I did not know Patek Philippe or Vacheron Constantine. When I saw the newspapers’ ranking of eyes, I realized that there are more expensive and higher watches than Rolex. At that time, the first thing that came to my mind when talking about “good watches” was Rolex. At the time, I did not even know what “water ghosts,” “yachts,” and “Daytona” were. All I knew was that the best was Huang Cancun’s great “Gold Lao.”. ”

The representative of “Golden Law” is Rolex Day-Date, also called DD, which will be considered today. The official full name is Oyster Preparatory Day-Date (Oyster Preparatory Day-Date). The four simple words describe this clock’s functions clearly, waterproof, automatic, calendar, and day of the week. Rolex launched Day-Date in Baselworld in 1956, when Rolex obtained a patent for mechanical clocks and just 30 years after the famous sister’s birth (O-center). Earlier, Rolex had another referee 6062 with an oyster case, a perpetual motion, and a calendar mill phase.

At the time, Rolex wanted to launch a fake Rolex day date because it had obtained a patent for a direct jump to Calendar Week, which could have dispelled the dilemma of the Dilemma Calendar Watch display at the time. fake Rolex watches Day-Date canceled the calendar’s popular design and collected at 12 o’clock in the week, moved the calendar to the position of 3 o’clock, and spread the day window in the form of an extended fan placed it at 12 o’clock at the top of the dial. This change makes Day-Date the world’s first watch with a calendar window on the dial and the ability to display the entire week. For that, the double calendar looks at the summary of the week. For the next 60 years, Day-Date uses this classic design.

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The first generation day-date model is Ref.6511, and the movement based on the Cal.1030 movement, modified using the Cal.1055 calendar week component. In the second year, 1957, the movement updated to Cal.1055B, and the Microstella’s balance wheel improved. That was another time when Rolex used an exclusive patent on Day-Date. Speaking of the Microstella balance wheel, you can still feel awkward. To put it bluntly, this is a “screw without fine adjustment gauge,” Swiss patent number CHX2239668. Once updated, the original day’s date is more powerful and accurate, providing a daily difference in 3 seconds. Historically, watchmakers have been able to issue stopwatch certificates on their own, and the process presents risks of fraud. To guarantee the clock’s quality, Rolex decided to submit the watch to official certification, regardless of cost and extra time.

To distinguish the differences, in the late 1930s, the brand changed the words “Stopwatch” engraved on the dial to “Officially certified stopwatch”. In 1951, official certification became mandatory. To highlight Rolex’s excellent level, the brand decided to pass the honorary certification test (high-performance certification). In the old system, all movements that have passed perfect accuracy tests can receive an “excellent performance” certificate. In the late 1950s, Rolex launched a new generation of engines, three times the standard for precision certification. To show this unusual characteristic, Rolex adopted the concept of “Superlative Chronometer”.

Later inscriptions engraved on the dial also added this title to form the famous “Officially Certified Superlative Chronometer.” The honorary certification of chronometers officially abolished in 1973 due to the creation of the COSC Observatory certification. However, Rolex’s engraving pattern is still a sign of the pursuit of excellence and refers to the brand’s innovative role in the stopwatch industry. Day-Date Ref.6611, equipped with a Cal.1055B engine, became the first watch in the history of Rolex, which marked the official magnificent stopwatch.

Like the Rolex day date replica watch, a fake Rolex not only uses the best and most stable movement mechanisms; it uses a thick case made of precious metal. It uses the latest patented, but also very grounded, technology. The most prominent feature of Day-Date is that it can display dual calendars. Rolex has prepared 26 texts in different languages to adapt to the global market, displayed on double calendars. In addition to the familiar English and German versions, it also includes Chinese characters.

As a classic model with almost 60 years of history, consumers will inevitably experience aesthetic fatigue. But another reason why the Day-Date can last forever is the variety of dials not only in different colors but also the dial’s unique material: Tiger’s eye, lapis lazuli, meteorite, turquoise. You can even customize the text and patterns on the dial, so it’s hard to make such a personalized watch!