When we talk about replica watches, you can hardly think of the Rolex brand. Although Rolex does not produce the most luxurious, ingenious or special watches, the brand is still first associated with “luxury watches”. Don’t get me wrong: Rolex is one of the best watches in the world. Not in terms of spectacular complexity or very rare materials – but in terms of quality and serious watchmaking. Therefore, Rolex watches – especially vintages – are becoming more and more valuable, which is logical. Currently (although it may change), these are the 10 most expensive Rolex watches in the world.

10. Rolex Daytona Ferrari Red – $ 267,203
The Rolex Daytona Paul Newman replica collection is one of the most sought-after collections in the world. The brand is fully woven with the crown. This Daytona Ferrari red is one of them. Wearing such a Daytona on your wrist, you will definitely be the starter of the conversation. Of course, it is also a very special look – leading to a taste discussion with many people. Therefore, this watch may not be in the top 10. Although the small three tons is still an incredible amount.

9. 1972 James Bond Rolex Submariner – $365,000
Rolex submarines are one of the most representative models in the watch field. Almost all other brands on the Rolex’s diver can inspire their divers. Bezels, hands and crown guards – every aspect is iconic. It is called James Bond Sub because this “no appointment” Sub was introduced in the movie “Live and let die”. In the pulse of the world’s most famous superstar, this watch quickly gained a legendary status. This particular Rolex was sold for $365,000 – which immediately made him a very select group.

8. Golden Rolex Oyster Perpetual – $444,000
Gold is always doing very well. By definition, the gold watch is spectacular. If this is also a rare golden Rolex, then you have a jackpot. Plus a spectacular story, you only need $444,000. This golden Rolex Oyster Perpetual was worn by India’s first president, Rajendra Prasad. This watch is made of 18K rose gold (yes, indeed), the mainland is engraved on the dial of India and January 26, 1950 (the first Indian Republic of India). So it really is a unique Rolex replica.

7. Rolex GMT Master II ‘Ice’ – $ 485,350
There is no controversy about taste, but this GMT Master II is by no means fashionable (as far as we are concerned). It seems that the inventor of this combination likes to shout out from the roof that he is wearing Rolex, or more like a disco ball. In any case, this GMT must cost nearly 500,000, which we won’t give it.

6. Rolex Daytona ‘Eric Clapton’ – $ 1,400,000
In addition to his famous Albino Eric Clapton, he also arranged this Daytona on his wrist. Of course, the price of 1.5 million is not proportional to the value of the watch. This watch is owned by Eric Clapton, which makes the price so great, but it is by no means the most valuable Rolex ever. We believe that it is not a real reflection of other Rolex watches.

5. 1971 Rolex Daytona ‘Albino’ reference. 6263 – 1,418,000 USD
Ranked third (or ranked eighth) in our list is the first Rolex with more than 1 million magic limits. Rolex Daytona is one of the most famous chronographs in the world. It is not meaningless that the fashion icon Paul Newman’s Daytona is so incredibly sought after. However, this Daytona is also synonymous with the top. Since its sub-dial has the same color as the rest of the dial, it is called Albino. To make it even more special: this Daytona was once owned by the famous guitarist Eric Clapton.

4. 1942 Rolex Chronograph ‘Antimagnetique’ – $2,400,000
Rolex’s early chronograph is the top chronograph on our list (not just because its price is too high). In fact, this watch is one of the most beautiful vintage Rolex ever, and the collectors are almost identical. This particular Rolex seems to come from a series designed for the racing team. This model is one of the largest (diameter) watches ever produced by Rolex.

3. 1969 Rolex Daytona ‘Paul Newman’ reference. 6263 – $ 3,717,906
The first Rolex Daytona in the top 10 used to belong to Paul Newman – but certainly not the last one. Watches from American actors are simply one of the most popular watches in the world. Of course, its value is no longer fully perspective, but it does not reduce it. The Rolex watch features the signature “reverse panda dial”. A term used to denote the contrast difference between a white sub-dial and a black dial. Then, the black sub-dial on the white dial is described as a normal “panda dial”.

2.Rolex Reference 6062 ‘Bao Bao’ – $5,060,427
Perhaps one of the most spectacular Rolex models ever, this Breguet. This watch has been the record of the most expensive Rolex watches in the past few times. Once another auction was accompanied by another spectacular Rolex, the champion passed again. The watch does not have any name ‘宝黛’. It is actually owned by the last emperor of Vietnam. Like the Rolex number 9, this watch is made of pure gold. In addition, it is one of the few Rolex that spins for a few years, the diamond on the dial and the six-month phase.

1. Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Paul Newman – 17,752,500 USD
We are here again. The most expensive Rolex of the moment, and Rolex who created shocking news on a global scale. This Rolex Daytona was given to him by Newman’s wife on his birthday. One identifiable aspect of this Daytona is the fact that it is engraved with “driving carefully me.” For after-sale replicas, this engraving is often misused – causing the watch to fall out of the basket.