Playing Rolex is indispensable for sport diving. Just like essential fish in the water, diving is an eternal theme and a cleaning skill. Three series launched: Submariner (Submariner, 1953), Sea Dweller (SEA DWELLER, 1960), and Deep Diving (DEEP SEA, 2008)

As the saying goes, my teacher must be present for a three-person hike. The Rolex dive will always have a version suitable for you. For specific differences, see this historical article “Drink the strongest wine and wear the fiercest watch: Rolex Ghost King 116660”, which do in detail. Introduction.

After SD’s sea ambassador was the boss for decades, he replaced his younger brother, Deep Diving DS. Rolex’s positioning as an ambassador for the sea has become strange, and it takes a lot of effort to get to the brand. Initially, after the launch of Ghost King Ref. 116660 in 2008, Haizhan was discontinued and replaced. Subsequently, for various reasons, in 2014, the new ceramic sailor Ref. 116600 was relaunched; The introduction of an anonymous pilot, combined with a weak market response, led to a suspension of fewer than three years, making it the shortest watch in Rolex history.

Dang Duan continued to suffer chaos, thinking that this is the best interpretation of Ref. 116600, soon replaced by Rolex with a single Red Sea ambassador, the protagonist of today: it only seeks common ground. It keeps the differences, the new Rolex maritime ambassador Ref. 126600.

The reason why the best Rolex replica is classic is that its brand image has remained stable and unchanging. Like the main series, the traditional elements continued: Oyster system with superior configuration, helium relief valve, safety buckle with foldable extension, classic disc surface design, Benz needle, rotating outer ring with a 60-minute unidirectional scale.

At the same time, he made many changes compared to his predecessor. The most noticeable project is to reproduce the SEA-DWELLER red. The unique red character design can traced back to Ref. 1665 Single Red launched in 1967. Currently, it exists as one of the first engineering test products. There are only 12 of them (much less than Double Red, a low level). The images below were collected and classified by Gulao Great God. The priceless treasure can only solved through photos.

The new single Red Sea Ambassador 2017 is a version in honor of the 50th anniversary. The layout of the board follows tradition. No one can say which brand came up with the dive, but only Rolex can persist in the same situation for 50 years. Its brand identity is unmatched.

Second, a small bubble magnifier added to the watch mirror. It is the first time that a small bubble element has added to a professional dive watch. That is why the masters of the poison did not accept the sea’s new ambassador for a long time. It has also said that although small bubbles can facilitate the observation of the date, such as a professional diving watch, the mirror must support a higher pressure design and avoid collisions in diving operations. The abolition of the small bubble design also ensures the safety and durability of the dive watch.

Rolex may know this. Until the release of Gimhae Ref. 126603 in 2019, I realized that the Ambassador was no longer the Ambassador I knew. Its position has moved from the original occupation to diving for classic watch-loving citizens, and its actual work is to make way for the ghost king.
From a marketing standpoint, this is a win-win situation, to get out of the embarrassing position of not moving up and opening a dedicated customer market. Once we’ve determined this, let’s look at this angel of the sea. The design is quite good (more like Ref.1680 single red).

The size has also changed significantly. The watch has upgraded from 40mm to 43mm, different from the 40mm monster and 44mm ghost king. This change will undoubtedly change the weight a lot. Net weight increased from 174g (116,600) to 192g. More clear. However, there is still some distance between 220g for ghost king and 160g for ghost water.

You can see the ORIGINAL GAS ESCAPE VALVE helium escape valve design on the side, which quickly exhausts the helium under high pressure inside to prevent the glass from cracking. The overall shell shape remains smooth, and due to its size, the overall ratio is more uniform.

The footprints on the bottom cover are essential. The traditional helium release patent and a series of Sea Ambassador carvings continue. The belt head’s width increased from 21 to 22mm (same as the ghost king).

Best Rolex replica Oyster’s discounted extended link design has also retained. The unique expansion device used when wearing heavy diving suits, extending up to 30mm in length as a top priority. If the restraint is too annoying or invisible, it can removed separately, and there is no problem in replacing it with the belt section.

It is worth noting that the ceramic outer ring’s upper bead is optimized and smoother than the previous model. When the soul directly hits the blue sky, a more extensive range of light can retain light in the long term.

The movement follows fake Rolex sea dweller Cal.3235 movement, with up to 70 hours of battery life and several proprietary enhancements. Compared to Cal.3135, there is a significant improvement in circuit design. A specific action introduction can found before the article “The Rolex 3235 Action Secret”.

Released in 2017, this Red Sea Angel single is more significant and thicker than a ghost and more comfortable than a ghost king. She belongs to those fans who pursue the character of the novel without emotions. She adheres to the Rolex tradition, but her temperament is bold and unfettered.

Fake Rolex for sale Sea-Dweller Series: Type 126600, Diameter: 43 MM, Thickness: 15.5 MM, Action: Cal.3235