When it comes to the Rolex Professional Watch series, most people think of the submarine, and for the Explorer, I’m sure it’s a series that many will ignore. Compared to the other series, the Explorer has a less important position, no complicated features, and even the calendar remains, just a simple three-pronged needle, until later a little more complicated. Do not start a second-hour function other than a calendar.

But replica Rolex explorer is the inventor of the whole professional watch, founded in 1953, and then two series of submarines in 1954 and GMT in 1955. If you look at its history, it’s still about Bubbleback.

As early as the 1930s, Rolex began sponsoring campaign projects to showcase the resilient and robust image of its watches, including the Himalayan Mountains Project. The Explorer wears the Rolex Oyster Chronic watches, thanks to the Rolex Oyster case and automatic movement to make sure the watchmaker is not afraid of top seekers, quiet extreme weather, and the best works. Agreements with

In the late 1940s, the Rolex watches were recognizable to everyone, and their wings became bold. At this point, Rolex executives began conspiring to diversify their products. Aftermarket research, they began various bonds in the 1950s. The Rolex Explorer was the first series of professional watches.

On May 29, 1953, Mount Everest climbed for the first time in human history, joining the Rolex Explorer series. Rolex took the opportunity to combine lively advertising, mountaineering, and adventure, highlighting this world-renowned three-person, 369-scale professional sports watch.

These three belong to the early seekers. Due to his severe problems, he was unable to diagnose the physical image. They can share them with you only through online photos. You can see from the table below that the edition of these three ancient explorers is in Rolex’s golden age.

Although he used the design of the predecessor bubble according to the board’s creation, he established a classic image of the beginning. The 3rd, 6th, and 9th-hour use digital scales, the 12th position is an extensive triangular index, and the other parts are bar scales. Representative Benz injections are also needed. Here is an episode anyway. The Mercedes-Benz needle first appeared on the back of the bladder and later became the hallmark of professional Rolex watches. Not much has changed since then. If you want to talk about the most classic Rolex elements besides the Oyster case, the Mercedes Benz needle is the first.

To help everyone understand the short history of Explorer, Poison Master created a data table of historical styles. Since its release in 1953, Explorer has undergone seven significant model changes and one minor model change. What are the specific changes? ? Then, Poison Master, tell everyone about it.

Ref 1016 Gold Dial

Poison Master started directly from the fourth generation of 1016. Because the last three generations’ production time was relatively short, and the amount was tiny, most cousins ​​do not need to go into this field. The Ref-1016 is the most extended production model in the Explorer series. During the 26 years of preparation from 1963 to 1989, there are various historical versions. Ford Explorer fans, plaster noodles are a must. In the early days and gypsum radium shining, there was also the gold coiled gold-plated dial process. It is one of the best selling Vintage Rolex crafts.

Late Referee 1016

At a later stage, the 1016 Disc Bright replaced by the T10 Tritium Bright but did not affect the Disc Bright scale due to its long yellowing. With strong archeological lenses with a robust antique flavor, it becomes a little more interesting.

1016 has been around for a long time, and the version has changed a lot, so there are many steps. Every one who can play this level is at the level of God. The price is high, and the cost of the collection is higher than the wear and tear. If you haven’t studied it thoroughly, it not recommended to copy it easily.


Fourteen thousand two hundred seventy manufactured from 1989 to 2001. The previous generation’s size continues to be 36 mm in diameter, and its shape has changed a lot since ancient times: the original acrylic crystal has replaced by hard sapphire glass. The scale inlaid with platinum. Filled, No. 369 considers that this area is tiny and there is no bright paint. Due to the celebrity influence of Kimura Takuya, the watch loved by watch fans and became a popular style for beginners.


114270 is a complete version of 14270, developed from 2001 to 2010. With no change in the surface of the disc, a new movement and new bright paint changed. Although 14270 is relatively hot, from a rational point of view, the composition of 114270 is much higher. Currently, the difference between 3000 movements and 3130 movements will not mentioned. The steel belt has made significant changes. The original strap buckle has upgraded to a triple safety buckle design, which will be more comfortable to wear. This setting is for sports watches. Still important.

So when it comes to choosing the 36mm Explorer, my suggestion is to close the eyes of the 14270 and select the new 114270 in better condition under normal circumstances. Eventually, problems will increase with age, of course, if you see bright spots on the disk. Fourteen thousand two hundred seventy can also focus on additional points.


As of 2010, 214270 has become a new development tool. The table’s diameter caters to a wide range of user needs, ranging from 36mm to 39mm, and the disk surface design is also changed. The 369 digital scales have replaced by solid platinum, and the Explore logo has placed from top to bottom.

The pointer has become a point of criticism for the fans, and the pointer ratio of the new toon does not match the level of the disc. It seems to be the stack pointer to the old Rolex Water Ghost. The other hand slightly extended, but the hour and minute hands do not match the dial scale ratio. It is the most painful moment. The inner-circle clearly shows that the distance is two millimeters. Doc now

fake Rolex watches may have concluded that it stopped production in 2016 and launched a new one with 1.5. Due to a minor modification to the disk, model number 214270 remains for the sake of clarity, this poison master named Tani 214270, who was born in 16 years to distinguish it.

Rolex Explorer replica ref.214270 new

The 214270 Neo design has mostly returned to the style of the 114270, and thanks to the expansion of the disc, the 369 digital hollows are filled with luminous light, making it easier to differentiate time in a dark environment.

The pointer ratio has also improved once again to the audience’s satisfaction, but unfortunately, the platinum scale of 214270 disappeared after only a few years. Instead, the design changed to the new Skymaster 116900. ۔ The higher the probability of balancing each other. Concessions through series features.

Summarizing the evolution of Explorer 1, it is continually evolving into innovation. Every change injects fresh blood to awaken vitality, but it can retain the disc’s classic elements throughout the process. I would appreciate Rolex as a watch manufacturing company dedicated to excellence and culture. Try Brand Master of Marketing

In many Rolex series, Explorer has always played the role of a sweeping monk. It sounds unusual, and it disappears once it’s shot. “It’s beautiful, and more importantly, he pulled out his wallet,” Lighter said. “I remembered the little story of the poisoned master and his cousin, Supervisor KJ, four years ago.”

In 2016, when I met Jay at the time, I met in the Zhangong group. Later, when I gathered friends at the Guangzhou table, I had a good conversation. Of course, the Rolex obsession in Basel was not as great as it is now. One day Jay came to ask me: About 114270, I recently saw a big set worth 23,000. Yes, that’s right; the price is 23,000. My answer at the time was that buying 23,000 investigations was too expensive. I had only seen a full set of 24,000 analyses a few days ago. However, Jay was still very consistent, saying that Tani was beautiful and I liked her very much. Later, he went to complete the transaction with her, and since then, I have not seen the full set of 23,000 old spies again. Whenever I see Tanny, I think of this story. He was young when he didn’t make a mistake. The current tani may also be cheaper. What if I consider the price for three years or more?

Simple but not easy, combined with Asians’ wrists’ right size, Tani is the most versatile sports series style. Choose 36mm for small wrists and 39mm for those who like new and larger sizes. There is always an Explorer that can help you get to inaccessible places.

The greatest compliment to a watch is to buy it, and the poison master set an example and bought something. By the way, let everyone grow grass, sprout, and enjoy together.