Although not all Rolex watches appreciate their value, some will undoubtedly enjoy it, especially in the long run. With this in mind, let’s explore Rolex watches’ timeless value through some of these popular records.

President of the Golden Rolex Memorial Day

Since its arrival more than sixty years ago, the Day-Date has been dubbed President Rolex for its presidential bracelet and its popularity with some of the world’s most influential figures.

President Rolex day-date replica offers a variety of precious metals and sizes and various bezel styles and dial designs. The classic option is 36mm gold with a champagne-colored dial and groove.

The replica Rolex day-date reference number 36 is the last iteration. The 118238 from the mid-2000s has typical Rolex presidential styling but has also seen modern enhancements such as a sapphire crystal, Super-LumiNova, and a 3155 automatic movement with Double Quickset function.

Due to its precious gold structure and enduring appeal, this presidential watch perfectly illustrates Rolex watches’ timeless value.

Stainless steel submarine

When it comes to advanced diver’s watches, no other model can be as glamorous and recognized as the Rolex Submariner.

Submariner was born in the 1950s as a dive team watch and eventually became a luxury sports watch with excellent diving functions. Submariner is very popular with celebrities, collectors, and casual watch buyers.

Over the years, Rolex has manufactured many different Submariner models with various materials and colors. But for purists, the Submariner favorite is stainless steel with a black dial and black bezel similar to the previous model.

Submarine reference currently produced. 116610LN incorporates the flawless appearance of the Subclass. Still, it includes modern features such as a scratch-resistant Cerachrome ceramic bezel, a blue-emitting Chromalight volume, and an updated Oyster bracelet with Glidelock Expansion System.

As it is a Submariner Date model, a standard date window (with Cyclops magnifying glass) triggered by the automatic movement of the Caliber 3135, in the Rolex replicas market, has the ref. Although this model has been in use for ten years, its demand far exceeds the current supply. The 116610LN is usually sold at a higher price than at retail.

Rolex GMT-Master II “Pepsi” in stainless steel

GMT-Master also made its first appearance in the 1950s. It developed specifically for Pan American Airlines pilots to track two time zones while on the job. Rolex produced the first GMT-Master stainless steel watch, equipped with blue and red bezels, which share GMT 24 hours a day and night.

This color eventually received the nickname “Pepsi.” Although there are other color options, the combination of blue and red became the typical replica Rolex GMT master watches appearance.

So when Rolex introduced the new GMT-Master II stainless steel reference model. “Pepsi” 126710BLRO will undoubtedly be a big hit in 2018 and will continue to be a popular choice on the second-hand market.

Equipped with a 40mm stainless steel case, Jubilee stainless steel bracelet, Cerachrome “Pepsi” ceramic bezel, and a new generation of the automatic caliber 3285 spiral movements to provide substantial performance enhancements, this model seamlessly integrates the GMT-Master in the century.

In terms of Rolex’s particular demand and the current price in the second-hand market, replica Rolex GMT master watches are a Rolex model that can hold its value for the foreseeable future.