Rolex recently launched a complete update and an updated Submariner model, found after Rolex met at its headquarters in Geneva. In early September 2020, BlogtoWatch personally practiced the “Starbucks” version (black and green reference number 126610LV) of this new Rolex Submariner 126610 watch. Today, I experienced the most traditional black dial. The black ceramic bezel model is version 126610LN of the new Submariner. It is a critical topic because for casual Rolex users and “watch lovers” worldwide, the Rolex Submariner Date 126610LN is the most vital watch model.

Although opinions about the Rolex Submariner differ in street creeds to indicate that the user is a watch enthusiast (given that the vast majority of Rolex users are suitors of luxury rather than watch collectors), everyone agrees that the Rolex Submariner it is (no pun intended) the most advanced watch in almost all aspects. It has been nearly ten years since Rolex launched the previous generation of the Submariner 116610 watch series (aBlgotoWatch review here). Now, in 2020, the famous Rolex Submariner has a new movement and some small design adjustments. Below, I’ll discuss the feeling of using the new Submariner Date 126610LN and how collectors should react.

The most significant difference in design is the beads, which are thinner in the new generation of Rolex Submariners.

It makes the watch appear more proportional, but considering that Rolex has increased the case diameter by about 1 mm, the new Submariner with narrower ears uses almost the same as the older Submariner with wider ears. Rolex said the old Submariner’s nominal width is 40 mm, while the nominal width of the new Submariner 2020 is 41 mm. In most cases, this is the case, but according to our understanding, the actual size difference between the new and the old submarine is less than 1 mm.

The most compelling reason to purchase the new generation Submariner best fake Rolex 126610 watch is to update the movement for watch fans. In 2020, the Submariner model will accept the homemade fake Rolex watches 3230 (without date) or 3235 (with date) training. Compared to the 3135 movements of the old watch, this movement is more precise and stable. Still, it is essential to note that this movement provides an extra day of power reserve, moving’s total time of execution about 70 hours. This means that the automatic movement can be placed on the table during the weekend and fully prepared for Monday.

To remind you, the new movement is certified by the internal “Rolex chronometer,” and the small Rolex crown logo now engraved on the “Swiss Made” dial between 6 am below the dial. Otherwise, even if they are technically new dials, they still look the same.

Stainless steel sports watches are better than Rolex

And the use of OysterSteel (the brand named after a 904L steel blend) can produce tight tolerances and beautiful surfaces. The old Rolex Submariner has an excellent stainless steel dive watch, and the Submariner 2020 still does. The installations and finishes of the eyes and bracelets have undergone minor updates – but I remind you again that most people may not notice. I say this because, although Rolex provides an entirely new incentive mechanism for people who don’t have the Submariner, I’m not sure if people with the previous generation of Submariner will benefit significantly from the new generation of the 126610 just because they are relatively new in technology. Sure, upgrading the watch is a good thing, but considering Rolex watches’ price and the challenge of buying watches from retailers, I think watch lovers can wait a few years before buying them. Suppose you don’t have a Rolex Submariner watch in your collection. In that case, it’s time to start looking for Rolex, as the new generation of submarines offers a great dressing experience.

With a waterproof depth of 300 meters

Rolex submariner replica can meet more than 99% of users’ sports and diving needs. Rolex will undoubtedly produce large Sea-Dweller and Deepsea diver watches, but people buy these watches mainly because they like bigger sizes or want something different. Rolex recently updated these watches, so the Submariner is the last movement to receive a meeting.