Rolex has always been a stable brand, with new changes every year, but rarely changes its entire product line. After long-term stability in 2012, the group split again.

Two years after the launch of Sky-Dweller, this series has made good progress. Although the technology is the same as the original version, there are more choices in selecting materials, colors, and straps. Sky-Dweller is the only annual calendar watch currently in production by Rolex. Simultaneously, the brand has specially developed a new independent movement for this purpose, using the brand’s latest technology (not including this year’s new hairspring). Today, let’s take model 326135 as an example. Let’s take a closer look at what Rolex’s “Gao Fu Shuai” looks like it.

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● Impression

Rolex Sky-Dweller watch
When I first saw this watch, its overall aristocratic vibe was powerful. The Everose gold case is gold, the plate decorated in chocolate color, the strap is brown, and the overall tone is warmer. We knew the diversity of its functions beforehand, but the short and clear reading time and clear layout of each part are still outstanding when we see it.

● Disc

Looking closely at the plate’s surface, the sunray patterned chocolate plate finish gives people an intuitive feeling of “height.” The three-dimensional gold digital indexes’ surface is smooth, and the font uses a square style, adding a “masculine nature.” The off-center 24-hour scale circle is the second time zone, which can be adjusted independently. The 3 o’clock position is an instant calendar (with quick adjustment), and a small box corresponding displays the month to each time scale.

● Month view

As shown in the figure, the clock currently indicates the month of November, and the box corresponding to the scale of 11 displayed in white.

● Internal anti-counterfeiting circle

Due to Rolex’s high popularity, replica Rolex watches on the market have never stopped, and Rolex has also added many anti-counterfeiting measures for this purpose, one of which is this anti-counterfeit inner ring. As the imitation level improves, many manufacturers can make this anti-counterfeit inner ring, so it has now reduced to a small decoration.

● Frame

Previously, the brand’s most prominent unique bezel structure was the CERECHROM ceramic bezel, and the newly created Ring Command two-way rotating outer bezel for this series broke that tradition and became a member of the current unique functional bezel. By Rolex. Simultaneously, the surface decorated with triangular pit motifs, which conceal its functionality and highlight classic elements. The bezel has three gears, which cooperate with the crown to adjust various functions quickly.

● Watch case

A dealer owns this watch, so the surface is covered with a film, which will affect the texture of the case, but can still clean to see the curved sides’ outstanding and delicate beauty and polish.

● Crown
The crown still made of Everose gold, the surface is polished, and the crown logo stamped, and the bottom is engraved with two small dots, indicating that it is a double-locking waterproof crown structure.

● Watchband

Official sources call it smoky gray, but it’s browner, and it’s an ideal choice for color matching with rose gold cases. The strap made of crocodile leather and its soft and comfortable texture is its most important feature.

● Closing

The pin buckle is usually attached to the belt, but Rolex doesn’t have a pin buckle. It has always been a folding clasp of various styles, and this watch is no exception.

● Bottom cover

Although the Sky-Dweller is a brand new series with several new patents and designs, the case still adopts the Oyster construction, and the bottom cover is also screw-proof. The more traditional and necessary things of Rolex have not abandoned.

● Summary

Due to the thicker case and solid rose gold material, it is slightly heavy. The whole watch is very prominent in design, just like the Rolex watchmaking style, with outstanding reading performance and disc design is reasonable and innovative. Additionally, it features the brand’s self-built 9001 automatic movements inside.