Today I will tell you about a Rolex “Player Watch” Explorer II (commonly called the second) watch. What do you call this watch, white dial, orange GMT hand, date, the timepiece is good too, just this is a playful and cute toy watch, but always in a strange state of “watching the fire”۔ I do not know why

Speaking of best replica Rolex Explorer II, those who don’t know may understand that it is an extension of Explorer I, but it isn’t. Although included in the “Explorer” series, it is a low-profile version of GTM. Due to its function, when worn in two places as it is more popular than adventure type I type II, it is evident in my opinion that it is a bit bad. In the past, Adventure Type I was lucky enough to be bought by Takuya Kimura and represented a beautiful entry. There is no such thing as type II.

The fake Rolex for sale can talk about cost performance and the price compared to Greenwich GTM II. The same movement, the same function, and more extensive. The only difference is a ceramic color plus a polished band. The prices of both are worse. Some of the ceramic paint is estimated to cost more than 10,000 yuan, which is the cost of polishing the watch band. The market price of Tan II has always been lower than the public expense, as Tan II was able to rise this year due to the epidemic. The Greenwich II series performed well in the beginning, proving that poor perception also affects the market.

Of course, the Rolex Explorer replica is less critical. For example, the replica Rolex Explorer II has two functions but no rotating bezel. If you don’t know it, you can ignore its role. 100 yards. It is waterproof, but it is not marked on the dial, making people feel like a “dry” watch. It’s very durable, but it looks useless. Plus, the steel strap makes it feel old and memorable like no other. Unbeknownst to Maxima, Bole is waiting to discover.