At this year’s Basel Entertainment Fair, everyone is worried that the new Rolex will be available and produce the next premium model. It is where every hour your friend pays attention. Among them, the “blue and black ring” Rolex Greenwich was one of the brand’s most popular watches. This year, the Rolex 5 necklace chain’s steel and blue ring and blue ring blue and a black ring of the five necklace chain GMT released a new blue and black ring. Then, Rolex GMT launched the second 5-bead chain. Below, let’s take a brief look at this favorite watch of yours. (See model: m126710blnr-0002)

The attraction of world travel

In 1954, Rolex launched the Greenwich Reference 6542 watch when needed. The original purpose was to help professional pilots during long-haul flights. Precise, reliable, durable, and practical wristwatch. Since its introduction, the Greenwich watch series has been sought after by its watch friends for its excellent performance and innovative look.

See the case


The new Greenwich Style Rolex replications for sale follows the classic and unusual design of the series. Diameter 40mm, very suitable for wrist wear. The best replica Rolex body made of Oyster steel material. It has a two-way rotating outer ring, blue and black two-color Cerachrom 24-hour ceramic decoration, and a molded shape and scale using PVD (physical vapor deposition) coating technology. I will. Platinum. The outer edges of the outer ring allow the wearer to hold and rotate the outer ring. Not only is this ceramic material resistant to corrosion and scratching, but it also does not go out when exposed to UV light and keeps your font fresh after years of erosion.

On the side of the crown is a three-lock waterproof system with three locks. For additional crown protection, the crown shoulders are combined with the medium body to protect the curved peak.

Convex lens for small windows

The table glass is made of blue crystal and has a convex lens with a small target window at 3 p.m., which is convenient for the wearer to read calendar information.

The design of the black varnish loop is intricate and precise. The watches and hands made of 18K gold and clear and easy-to-read chromite material. The blue arrow indicates the time in the second time zone. Great for reading white and white circle designs.

The new “fake Rolex GMT master” Blue Round Circle Watch Bracelet replaces the 5-pin commemorative belt and incorporates a patented Oyster-style security bag to prevent accidental opening of the folder. The belt also worn. The brand’s easy-to-adjust chain linkage improves comfort and makes the strap more comfortable to extend by about 5 mm. Look closely at the connection between the belt and the hull. The concealed design gives a sensible experience of a seamless relationship between the two.


Caliber 3285

The ultra-tight back cover design improves the waterproof performance of the watch. The new generation, equipped with a 3285-caliber device, has significantly increased accuracy, power reserve, oscillation insulation, and magnetic resistance. The unknown soldier of the movement was useful and reliable and made of nickel-phosphorus, which was less sensitive to magnetic fields. Equipped with Rolex’s patented optimized blue para chrome hair, Rolex’s unique magnetic alloy is better than ever. High energy reserve for about 70 hours.

Summary: Launched this year by Rolex, this new Greenwich model has been updated in terms of bracelets, movements, and more, creating the most substantial presence on the wrist with a more precise and convenient design.