In addition to some particular industries, such as banking, system, sales, and so on, the company is relatively relaxed about the dress of most employees, so it is more common to wear casual clothes. Still, it is not excluded that some formal occasions need to wear traditional clothes to attend. At this time, a versatile watch seems more practical than a fashion watch; it can pair with casual clothes, can also be paired with formal dresses, and can effectively improve the wear of temperament. This article will recommend three standard replica wristwatches; take a look together.

Rolex Cellini m50705rbr-0010 39mm men’s leather belt

Watch Comments:

 As a formal watch, the Rolex Cellini series shows a gentleman’s elegant temperament that many eyes can not match. The watch has a 39mm exemplary steel case, and a rose gold dial for a vintage look. The face of the clock continues the classic three-pin design of the series, which complements the simple aesthetic design of the watch.

Rolex Cellini m50609rbr-0007 39mm men silver tone

Watch Comments:

The Rolex Cellini series watch recommended in this article is made of fine steel with a diameter of 39mm. As a formal watch, this size design can be considered perfect. The watch’s black dial uses a standard time design with silver hands, classic color, and a simple design.

Rolex Cellini 39mm Men m50529-0006 Silver dial in silver tone

Watch Comments:

This Rolex Cellini has a silver case with an iridescent white dial. It looks exquisite and warm. The diameter of the watch is only 39mm, making it light and comfortable to wear. With the dial on the time scale, case color echo, and minute scale, you can read the time more accurately.

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