This article will detail a watch that everyone is “familiar and unfamiliar with.” Familiar because this watch is well-known and very popular; unfamiliar because relatively few people buy this model. This watch is Omega’s new Gold Seamaster 300-meter diving watch.

 Omega is one of the most famous watches in the country. Since Omega entered the country very early, many older generations know Omega. To this day, it can say that everyone knows it. Although many famous watches enter the country, many are consumed and circulated among players. Even the mainstream brand watches in the market are unfamiliar to ordinary consumers. Omega has a considerable influence globally and in the domestic market.

Last year, Omega launched a new Seamaster 300m diving watch generation. The new hippocampus 300m diving watch once became one of Omega’s hottest watches due to its perfect balance between appearance, configuration, and price. Especially in China, the popularity and influence of Haima are immense. As soon as it was listed, I instantly bought it. As we all know, Omega’s new hippocampus is 300 meters from its steel shell model. It is also because the public price of the steel shell hippocampus 300 meters is very reasonable, and the cost performance is very high.

As the primary model of Omega, the Omega Seamaster 300m diving watch has a high appearance. The size of the new hippocampus 300m is 42 mm. Because the lugs of the new hippocampus 300m are designed to be relatively slender and use a polygonal bezel that is approximately round, although it is marked with 42 mm, the hand size is relatively moderate. What makes me very interesting is that the size of the golden shield between Tudor is 41 mm, but in fact, the hand feels more significant than the 42 mm new Omega Seamaster 300 meters. It can see that the different case and lug designs have a substantial impact on the start-up effect of the watch. Big. Omega’s new hippocampus 300m currently includes black, white, blue, and gray dials and bezels, and many choices exist.

In fact, in addition to the steel shell model, Omega also includes a more luxurious and expensive gold model in the new Haima 300 meters. Everyone is familiar with Omega’s new 300-meter diving watch. Usually, only four kinds of gold are used: rose gold (also called red gold), white gold, and platinum. Although we often hear names such as honey gold, magic gold, beige gold, and eternal rose gold, these are new names given by various famous watch brands after improving the performance of these four kinds of gold. Essentially still, gold, platinum, rose gold, platinum.

 Sedna Gold is an improved, enhanced rose gold of Omega and is also Omega’s unique rose gold. Conventional rose gold is a reddish-gold made by adding copper and silver (mainly copper) to gold. Because rose gold is not as eye-catching as gold, it looks more fashionable and young, so it is prevalent. But after a long time in rose gold, the color will darken, not as bright as when it was brand new. Therefore, Omega Sedna Gold adds palladium to the conventional ratio of gold and copper to improve the durability of rose gold luster.

The new Jinhaima 300 meters use the Omega 8800 movement, the main Omega 8900/8800 movement. You are already very familiar with it. The 8900/8800 are certified by the Omega Master Chronometer and have a 15,000 Gaussian anti-magnetic capability, with an error of 0/+5 seconds per day. Among them, the 8800 movement has a power reserve of 55 hours and has a calendar quick adjustment function (8900 does not have a quick calendar adjustment but has a time zone fast adjustment function). The self-produced movement has been surging for many years, highlighting the brand’s technical characteristics while ensuring accuracy and stability. The Omega 8 series movement is one of the representatives.

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