Swiss Replicas Rolex All-inclusive Gold (30 Microns Thick) Submariner


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Rolex all-inclusive gold (30 microns thick) Submariner, model 116618. Purely imported Swiss ETA2836 automatic mechanical movement, the four corners of the genuine back are stamped by high-pressure stamping, and so are we, but all on the market are laser or corroded, the depth of the recess is not enough, and the dog’s head mark is simply unsightly. . Our stamp is exactly the same as the original product (precious metal 750, Swiss purity 750, Geneva dog head, Rolex LOGO). The whole body bag is mixed with 18k gold and platinum, the color is exactly the same as the original, without any blind spots, even the buckle screws, the ears, all are 30 micron gold, the real pure 750 gold, never fade, no need to worry about fading and fading The embarrassment caused. Produced by NOOB, only the best copy of Rolex. Diameter 40mm. Table mirror material: sapphire crystal glass. Waterproof depth: 300 meters.

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