Swiss Replicas Rolex Cellini M50535-0002 Moon Phase Watch


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Rolex Cellini m50535-0002 Moon Phase Watch 18ct Everose Gold Series! Watch size: 39*11.8

1.exclusive custom Cal.3195 original movement, the function is the same as the original; the hour hand can be adjusted separately, and the calendar hand jumps quickly! Different from the ordinary modified movement in the market, there is a quick adjustment button at 8 o’clock to adjust the moon phase plate, and is equipped with professional adjustment needles!

2.exclusive custom blue hairspring, consistent with the original movement, increasing the stability of travel time!

3, red gold technology, the thickness reaches the general standard of gold-clad, and the weight of the watch is optimized!

4. With Italian calfskin, the leather is soft and delicate and fits the wrist more comfortably!

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