Swiss Replicas Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Series 116500


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Rolex Universe Daytona super copy, a comprehensive analysis of each part of the original movement, to create a Cal.4130 one-piece movement that is indistinguishable from the original, which is very similar, not only achieves all functions, but also is stable and durable. . The factory has purchased a number of original styles with a lot of money to open the mold to produce the accessories, ensuring that the case and each hardware can be used with the original, and the original size is 40*12.5mm. The evaluation is as follows:

1. [One-piece movement] It took two years to purchase numerical control equipment to mold the original movement to ensure the lowest damping of each bearing and gear. The real one-piece movement has no extra deck or fake gears, which also ensures that the case is not too thick. The fine lines and washing of the movement deck are exquisite and delicate, and the fonts are clear and deep. It is different from the rough version of the ordinary version, and it is truly synchronized with the original model Cal.4130 one-piece movement. The timer is reset to zero simply and powerfully, and the function matches the version. It is also equipped with the original KIF shock absorber and blue hairspring. Each movement has passed the QC simulation test, and then assembled into a watch within a reasonable error range.

2. [Extreme case shape] Due to the perfect performance of the movement size, it is possible to make the same case thickness of 12.5mm as the original. It is difficult to achieve this for other levels of re-engraving due to the wrong movement. thickness. Coupled with the 3D printed open-molded case strap, every line and groove of the case is consistent with the original, with a good hand feel, elegant and beautiful, and full of original temperament.

3. [Universal Original] The bezel, mirror, inner cover, handle, literal surface, pointer and buckle of the whole watch can all be original. Except for the difference in weight of precious metal models, it is almost difficult to see flaw.

Four. [Devil details] The scale on the ring mouth adopts physical vapor deposition technology, and the color oil is coated on the font at a high temperature, so that the racing scale of the ring mouth is completely in line with the original thickness, and does not fade. The literal radial lines are delicate and rank, and the lines can only be seen under macro. The sun patterns of the three small plates are uniform in thickness, and each angle looks good with luster and texture. The scale D has the same smooth edge as the original, and the luminous is evenly bright. Dog head, balance, 750 and other precious metal signs look almost the same as the original ones to the naked eye. The crown and the body of the buckle are integrally formed instead of spot welding.

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