Swiss Replicas Rolex Datejust Series 126333 Watch


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Rolex Datejust Series 126333 Watch

The highest version 3235 full gold black/blue water ghost pre-sale heart, genuine authentic modification, accessory copy 2.equipped with VS brand new 3235 machine Rewrite the history of poor workmanship and unstable quality of the 3135 movement on the market. 3. Long-term and reliable detail workmanship, product quality and good after-sales service, do all the details you care about. 4. The real solid needle shaft, top polished, and the pointer details are the only version with the correct version.

[Movement] Equipped with Rolex 3235 all-in-one movement + blue Parachrom hairspring automatic mechanical movement, 3235 movement on the market, 2824/2836 actual kinetic energy storage time is about 38 hours, only one night, The VS brand new 3235 movement can be put on a weekend without stopping, and it is true once and for all!

[Diameter] Synchronous original 41mm

[Solid bottom axis] Polished characters, top Swiss ice blue luminous, achieving the original luminous effect!

[Material] Original 904L stainless steel electroplated 18K thick gold no longer worry about fading (gold can be used)

[Mirror] Mirror polished double concave curve surface sapphire mirror, pure Waterjet cutting!

[Ring Mouth] One-piece ceramic ring mouth (non-etching) burned platinum scale with uniform color and never fade,

[Luminous] Ice blue super bright luminous, ring mouth luminous beads The mirror surface is double sapphire glass.

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