Swiss Replicas Rolex Daytona Secret Diamond Series 116599 “Twelve Sapphire”


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Rolex Daytona Pave Diamond Series 116599 “Twelve Sapphire”

Highest-quality Rolex Daytona Pave 116599 stars arrive, The ring is inlaid with 60 trapezoidal square diamonds, and 12 blue gems are called “twelve sapphires”. The biggest highlight of this watch is the 12 exquisite square sapphires on the bezel, which are made of blue francs on the plate. The Roman numerals reflect each other, giving the watch a noble brilliance. Wonderful details:

1. The chronograph dial is matched with a shiny silver radial pattern, the finishing touch is vivid, and the diamond face scale corresponds to the circle one by one.

2. The black thread needle in the reverse tube head batch flower with the same needle as the original one is highly recognizable.

3, the bilateral head grains are inlaid with 24 brilliant diamonds, 6 on the left and right sides, and 12 in the middle, which perfectly highlights the sparkling effect of the wings.

4. The steel stamps on the four corners of the bottom cover are the same as the original ones: they are dog head stamp, precious metal stamp, 750 stamp and Rolex LOGO stamp. The middle ring position is treated with fine lines, and the bottom cover is low and flat, in an inverted ladder shape, and the texture is very comfortable to wear on the hand.

5. The watch has a diameter of 40mm and a screw-in crown exclusively for Rolex.

6. The buckle took 2 years to create a double safety buckle consistent with the original. The scale on the back is consistent with the original precious metal imprint. The exquisite printed buckle adds luster to the connotation of the entire watch, unique and subtle The design shows the watchmaker’s perfect sculpting of details. It can be called a new watch buckle invention, redefining the highest configuration on the market.

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