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The Rolex Greenwich 126710 watch is here! Pepsi circle, five baht chain, oyster shell! Correct any deficiencies in all versions on the market [Case] The 40mm 904L Oyster case is sturdy and elegant. GMF is fully committed to reproduce the perfect proportions, restoring the Oyster classic that has been passed down for more than 90 years. 1. The inner circumference of the ceramic ring base steel ring is the same as the original one, with chamfers added. 2. The middle case is also processed from a single piece of solid 904L, which is extremely strong and firmly locks the other parts of the watch. Compared with other versions, the 3.4 lugs are slimmer and slimmer, perfectly aligned with the original shape. 4. The structure of the steel head grain is the same as the original one, and the edges and corners are distinct, so it can be easily interchanged with the original one. [Technological breakthrough]Through endless attempts, I finally cracked the secret of firing the original red and blue ceramic circle. Compared with other versions on the market-the blue is deeper and the red is deep and beautiful, which perfectly presents the stunning style of the original product. [Watchband] The unique five-bead bracelet made of 904 stainless steel has the same structure as the original product. The wave-shaped five-baht bracelet has a strong three-dimensional effect. Each watch section can be flexible and its luster and texture are comparable to genuine products. It fits the wrist. Comfortable to wear. [Movement] Equipped with the mature and robust Seagull TOP-class 2836GMT automatic mechanical movement

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