Swiss Replicas Rolex Gold-covered Day-date


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Rolex Day-Date 41mm log, 218238 41mm diameter subverts the traditional craftsmanship in the past! One: 904L stainless steel. 2: The 18-thick gold part adopts Taiwan’s latest gold casting technology, which is more than three times more durable than the market’s general “coated gold”., People who don’t know much about the market are called plating K). 3: Real splint 3255 movement (the hidden dangers of fake splints: fake diamonds and fake gears are easy to fall off, jam, and cause the movement to stop and damage). The direction of the movement timing is the same as that of the original product (the imitation machine on the market uses the thumb to pull down, and the Evergreen day-date type uses the thumb to push up). 4: The inner shadow of the No. 1 watch case, the tag and the guarantee card number of the 1 form are all the same.

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