Swiss Replicas Rolex Greenwich Gmt-master ii 116718 (Green Plate)


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Rolex Greenwich type Gmt-master ii 116718 (green plate)

Rolex Greenwich type II ultimate V2 version, forged and polished with authentic imported 904L raw materials It is made by process, and insists on the promise of not mixing with ordinary steel. It is equipped with the same functional movement of the original version of cal.3186, which is reflected in the following:

1: The same GMT dual time zone hand is on the bottom hour hand as the original version. The second layer, the order from bottom to top is: hour hand-dual time zone hand-minute-second.

2: Same as the original version, the function of adjusting the calendar by adjusting the hour hand jump. Matched with true ceramic circle platinum fonts, high-precision high-temperature firing and splicing technology, and laser-engraved double time zone scales, the scales are filled with platinum to show more elegance and luxury! The overall look and feel shows a low-key and luxurious feeling!

3: The quality of the movement is stable and reliable. The original one-to-one mold with a diameter of 40mm! The ingenuity of EW is worthy of your appreciation!

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