Swiss Replicas Rolex Submariner 116610 Series Water Ghost V3 Edition


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Rolex Submariner 116610 series water ghost V3 version upgrade content: 1: ZZ carries the clean (clean head grain + AR strap) factory water ghost steel belt with the shipment, perfectly showing the 0.13mm step (case and watch) The height difference formed by the head grain, the four corners have uniform steps of 0.13mm) Each watchband has a special mold matching, and the case is also the same. The Clean watchband is only responsible for correcting the head grain parameters on the basis of the AR steel belt to match the zz watchcase to create a step that has never been overcome for many years. (Under the statement, it is not unusual for the water ghost market to have steps, but the steps are about 0.13-0.15mm “uniform” steps. It is not easy to be able to achieve the four corners evenly. This The cooperation steel belt foundry is also the result of many negotiations. I have to say that AR steel belt is indeed the first-class and one-top quality on the market. 2: Black hole mirror, magnifying glass at 3 o’clock to the greatest extent Increase the smoothness and light transmittance of sapphire. Blue coating has long been not a criterion for judging true and false, and even the blue coating of the magnifying glass is almost invisible in the real water ghosts recently, including the 41mm new water ghosts that have just arrived. I also hope When making some comments, manufacturers pay more attention to the real-time dynamics of the details of the authenticity. After all, as a manufacturer, some of the comments have a certain degree of authority, try not to mislead customers, so as to appear more professional. 3: Regarding the issue of the clean green circle, Since half a year ago, the clean green circle can be said to be a breakthrough product in the field of re-engraving, and it is also a milestone progress. It is not certain that the clean v3 green circle is the most perfect, but we should correspond to the genuine product when we compare. Color, in the process of comparing the genuine product, it is no exaggeration to say that the clean green circle is relatively close. Don’t go into a misunderstanding and compare whose color is darker or lighter. After all, the target is the genuine product, not Going to imagine something deeper and greener than the real product, more authentic than the real product. I believe that good accessories should face more factories and customers. It is already the 21st century. Monopoly is no longer appropriate. I hope that Clean can go better and farther to serve the majority of table friends, even if it is no longer ZZ that benefits. Because Clean’s position is always neutral. Unbiased.

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