Swiss Replicas Rolex Submariner Series V2 Version 11610ln (Blackwater Ghost)


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Rolex Submariner series V2 version 11610LN (Blackwater Ghost)

The latest 2021 Rolex USB Submariner series V2 version [with the newly upgraded 3135 movement, the time direction is the same as the original]

Updated content of V2 version:

1. The texture of the lettering shading in the inner circle is also thinner and consistent with the original.

2. The white gold scale of the bezel is more detailed, without obvious graininess, and the color is closer to the original.

3. The lettering on the inner ring is upgraded, the same technology as the original one, you can see two obvious marks on the inner ring and the outer ring.

4. The cut corners of the sapphire mirror are more rounded and consistent with the original.

5. The font on the surface is reprinted, with a platinum font on the real ceramic circle.

6. The edge of the watch case and strap is polished and upgraded, and the chamfered part is the same as the original one.

7. When the water ghost extension buckle is opened, the inside is replaced with the same black ceramic particles as the original one.

8. The Rolex pattern on the inside of the buckle is changed to polished, which is consistent with the latest original version.

9. Luminous beads are upgraded, the inner corner of the metal part of the luminous beads is now available, and the effect is basically the same as the original.

The ingenuity of is worthy of your appreciation! !

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