Swiss Replicas Rolex Submariner Water Ghost Blaken Official Same Model Obsidian Black Edition


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Rolex Submariner Water Ghost BLAKEN is the same as the official Obsidian version. It is equipped with cal.3135 integrated movement, high reduction degree and stable travel time, blue hairspring, KIF shock absorber. The watch case is made of imported 904L stainless steel, which is made by Physical Vapor Deposition (physical vapor deposition technology) under vacuum conditions to make the metallic black cool and not easy to fade. The accessories are from the original 116610LV mold. There are currently two colors of SUBMARINER DATE LV (based on the green water ghost 116610LV) and SUBMARINER DATE (based on the black water ghost 116610LN). The case can be used for the original and V11 water ghost. In terms of travel time, the imported calibration instrument is used to measure the data first, and then a three-dimensional simulator is used to simulate and get started for one day, and the error is controlled within the normal value before packaging and shipping. V9Factory started from the “core” and created miracles. The product is the best product, pay attention to the buyer’s pocket interest, try not to upgrade or make the best product with the least number of upgrades, a true Buddhist manufacturer. Reminder: Every V9 watch has a built-in remote anti-counterfeiting chip in the package, so buyers can buy it with confidence and avoid bad vendors from shoddy.

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