Swiss Replicas Royal Edition Luxury Rolex Day Date Ii Series


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Extremely luxurious reproduced! Royal Edition luxury Rolex Day date II series-a special day date Pave diamond watch. 1. [Case] The size of the watch is 40mm. Made of Germany’s top 904L Oystersteel. The dial, bezel, case, and bracelet are densely studded with the top Swarovski diamonds. Try to restore the invincible texture of genuine luxury. 2. [Strap] Made of 904L Oyster-style steel. The Oyster-style strap was launched in the late 1930s. It is composed of three rows of wide and flat links. It is extremely strong. The whole body of the bracelet is also neatly studded with diamonds. The effect is amazing., Guanghua is radiant. 3. [Movement] Adopt top-level Seagull TOP 2836 dual-phase display movement. ingenious works are as original as they are on the outside!

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