Swiss Rolex Datejust Replica Stainless steel strap 40MM Diamonds Dial


Case material:Stainless steel
Bracelet material:Stainless steel
Dial colour:Diamonds
Water resistance:Water Resistant



Luxury to the extreme, bright again! TW’s new product launches again the heroic DATEJUST series – log type special watch with dense diamond-encrusted surface!
?? Circle mouth ?? Swaro top No. 2 emerald!
[Movement] Adopt the TOP Seagull 2824 movement!
The diameter of the watch is 40mm and the thickness of the dial is 12mm. The dial is densely studded with the most advanced Swarovski diamonds. The most luxurious and invincible texture!
The Oyster watch band is made of 904L Oyster steel. The Oyster watch band was introduced in the late 1930s. It is made up of three rows of wide, flat links.
TW one of the most cost-effective works, please appreciate!


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