Swiss Rolex Daytona Replica Canvas strap Black Dail


Case material:Carbon fiber
Bracelet material:Canvas
Dial colour:Black
Water resistance:Water Resistant

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Diw Rolex Carbon Fiber Ditona updated in 4 colors:
1. Desert Eagle Arabic: Inspired by the beautiful colors of the desert, Arabic scales and dark browns help you experience the desert.
2. Golden Essence: Champagne gold dial with yellow gold ring mouth and white stone British fiber body.
3. Avia Grey: What is interesting about the theme of grey dial is that the dial is also equipped with a 1-19 range finder scale. The biggest highlight of this model is that the 6-word second hand can rotate all the time, which is a new innovation.
4. Cream Invert Gold: Custom suit MOBS, black dial with champagne gold outer ring scale, highlighting simplicity and nobility.


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