Swiss Rolex Daytona Replica Rose Gold strap 40MM Pink Dial Diamonds Case


Case material:Rose Gold
Bracelet material:Rose Gold
Dial colour:Pink
Water resistance:Water Resistant



ipk rainbow Di dedicated to build, in order to achieve the Rolex rainbow Di Tona original effect we want, heavy money to create research and development, seiko meticulous, three independent timing disc of the gold crystal body special effects are unique, charming reflective effect and magnificent color fully show the beautiful structure of the gold crystal body, each piece is a natural artistic masterpiece. Gold crystal timing dial color and black dial in sharp contrast, and with the color of gems glow each other, with diamond-encrusted time scale and gold pointer let the whole dial flowing color, the overall aesthetic explosion, love.
Rolex hottest universe meter model Dittona
[Case] using imported real 904L steel, the thickness of 13.5mm is the same as the genuine material model, the steel strip drawing is delicate, the color is more white and bright, strong wear resistance.
[Function] The movement still retains the powerful timing function, with a 7750 movement full function timing
[Ring mouth] The ceramic ring mouth formed by the new process is consistent with the authentic process, and the scale effect shows a depth and roundness.
?? Details ?? Word noodle Ding metal mirror processing, no hair defects, using Switzerland imported strong luminous powder. When, point pointer groove cutting fill bright black oil process, not ordinary printing, texture difference is great. High transparent sapphire glass, mirror effect texture is very high.
[Quality] Color using A+ high-grade electroplating process, more stable and anti-oxidation, assembly of natural rubber watchband, the original mold, the material is the same as the genuine product, the texture is obviously soft and delicate, wearing wrist more fit.


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