Swiss Rolex Daytona Replica Rubber strap 40MM Diamonds Case White Dial


Case material:Stainless steel
Bracelet material:Rubber
Dial colour:White
Water resistance:Water Resistant



NOOB Rolex Universe Ditontake a super copy, a comprehensive analysis of every part of the original movement, to create a comparable Cal.4130 integrated movement, high similarity, not only to achieve all functions and stability and durability. Factory heavily purchased a number of styles of the original parts of the mold production, to ensure that the case and each hardware can be universal and original, synchronous original 40*12.5mm size. The evaluation is as follows:
1. [Integrated movement] takes two years. We spend a lot of money to purchase numerical control equipment to open the mold of the original movement to ensure the run-in of the lowest damping of each bearing and gear. A true all-in-one movement, with no extra deck or false gears, also ensures that the case is not overly thick. The fine lines and washing flowers of the movement deck are exquisite and delicate, and the font is clear and profound, which is different from the ordinary version of the rough mine, and the real synchronization of the original model of Cal.4130 integrated movement. Time to zero simply powerful, function version. Also equipped with original KIF shock absorber, blue gossamer. Each movement passed QC simulation test and was assembled into a table within a reasonable margin of error.
Two, [extreme shell type] due to the perfect performance of the size of the movement, to make the same as the original case thickness of 12.5mm, other levels of engraving due to the wrong movement so difficult to achieve such thickness. Plus 3D printing open mold case watchband, so that every line and groove of the case are consistent with the original, feel good, elegant and beautiful, full show the original temperament.
Three, [universal original] the whole table’s ring mouth, mirror, inner cover, head, literal, pointer and buckle can be universal original, in addition to the weight of the precious metal is different, almost difficult to see flaws.
Four, the scale of the Jie circle mouth uses physical vapor deposition technology, the color oil high temperature coated on the font, so that the speed scale of the circle mouth fully accords with the size of the original, and does not fade. Well, the radial lines of the literal are fine and orderly, so that the lines can be seen in macro. The sun lines on the three small plates are of even thickness, and each Angle gives the appearance of great shine and texture. The marks are the same as the original, with smooth edges and even luminous highlighting. ? head, scales, 750 and other precious metals logo looks to the naked eye and original little, respectively. Crown ? watch button and buckle a integrated, rather than the spot welding.


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