Swiss Rolex Daytona Replica Stainless steel strap White Dial


Case material:Stainless steel
Bracelet material:Stainless steel
Dial colour:White
Water resistance:Water Resistant



Then open the artifact ~ heavy Revelations, ceiling top quality customized version, that is, the classic Dittona N v12 version hit a new high after the dismantling money heavy money to build a time of 24 months – the most brilliant ring mouth T square drill Di, the original mold opening: Ultra-thin (the thinnest film up to 12.2mm) ask ding engraved peak, and then continue the top quality,Nv13 version (the most beautiful details of the shell, the inner ring shadow coding synchronous one Nv13 with “license plate” with high number 8899, the hand is destined to be rich or expensive, meaning extraordinary independent symbol coding – is how to pull wind, proud) the overall use of 904 L Steel (durable wear-resistant, drawing process)
?? Ring mouth: inlaid top with Swaro flash T square diamond (small workshop dim dead color) font: on the version of high-end, chassis round stone or strip stone original consistent tray to hold up the gem (small workshop directly affixed to the chassis without a tray wrong version of a false)
?? Glass: convex, non-flat glass.
(3) Swiss process team spirit: strict inspection zero mistakes, quality control upgrade 6 QC, no dust, no defects on the bottom of the plate… Let the customer get started save worry save effort save trouble
(4) Steel belt style synchronous corner suspension bridge raised bending, head grain edge corner gap to keep flat (steel style small workshop head grain and shell together uneven, shell 4 corners are not convex, gaps many common technology)
?? Adhering to N factory buckle: small details of the process beautiful texture, buckle bottom code 138.


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