Swiss Rolex Daytona Replica White Rubber strap 40MM White Dial


Case material:Ceramic
Bracelet material:Rubber
Dial colour:White
Water resistance:Water Resistant



AET Rolex modified Dittona co-branded series. Charles the Great Picasso official authorized (world famous painting: Richard the Great) AET modified Rolex Dittona only limited 10 pieces of the world’s black ceramic case, rich colors and pure black Daytona perfect fusion, precious, worth collecting! The official price is ??387,000!! AET cosmic chronograph Datong hold watch is not only light to wear, hard appearance. And each watch has a unique design!
[Case] Watch size 40X13.5 consistent with the original. Strength casting ceramic Rolex unique style. Market exclusive, the whole shell sleeve, ring mouth including the bottom cover are made of imported ceramic materials. The details are hand-chamfered and polished. The texture is extraordinary.
[Strap] The strap is made of imported fluorine rubber material, never hardening, perfect to stick to the hand to wear.
[Movement] The use of precise and mature 7750 movement (optional 4130), the perfect realization of authentic powerful function!!!


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