Swiss Rolex Oyster Perpetual Replica Stainless steel strap 40MM Black


Range:Oyster Perpetual
Case material:Stainless steel
Bracelet material:Stainless steel
Dial colour:Black
Water resistance:Water Resistant



VR Factory hollowed out water ghost history masterpiece! The God of the Rolex! Fully hollowed-out Diver, RM027 in Rolex 116610, based on Rolex 116610 as the prototype is the first use of “carbon fiber ring mouth” fully disassembled dial and 3130 movement plate only retain the movement of the running part, according to the operation principle of the whole movement, specially customized increased heavy automatic rudder, so far the most difficult modification of Rolex, production is very small. A true scarce type of submarine. Produced by VR Factory.


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