The original intention of the “left crown” watch was actually for divers because when divers were working underwater, they needed to wear a lot of instruments in their left hand, so they could only wear the watch in the right hand, so the watchmaker put the crown on the clock. It is convenient for divers to adjust the time. But now, the left crown watch has more freedom of use. This article will introduce the GMT Master II “left-handed” look.

Swiss replica Rolex GMT Master II 40MM Sprite Jubilee 126720VTNR 2022

Watch reviews:

“Left-handed” Rolex fans may be delighted this year. At the 2022 Geneva “Watches and Miracles” Haute Horlogerie Exhibition, Rolex will launch a new GMT-Master II watch. The new product’s most significant feature is moving the crown to the case left. The 40mm Oyster case guarantees the watch’s water resistance to 100 meters, and the triple-lock winding crown has a triple waterproof system.

The clock is equipped with a green and black “sprite ring” made of ceramic, with the green part representing daytime and the black part representing nighttime. The date window and the small convex lens are also adjusted to the left, at the 9 o’clock position. The watch is equipped with the 3285-type movement, dual time function, Rolex’s patented blue Parachrom hairspring, Paraflex cushioning device, and Chronergy escapement, improving shock resistance of the campaign and avoiding magnetic interference, thus ensuring the high performance and performance of the campaign. High efficiency. The movement is certified by the Swiss Observatory. After being installed in the case, the accuracy is within plus or minus two seconds per day, and the power reserve is about 70 hours.

The GMT Master II combines many classic elements of Rolex: the scale outer ring, the calendar window, and the Oyster strap. The design has remained unchanged for half a century, inheriting the myth of Rolex. The watch has a 24-hour hand and an independently adjustable 12-hour hand. The time is set in another time zone while the clock usually runs. Adjusting the GMT zone table can make it easier for people across time zones to know the target area. Time and local time, so people who often travel and work across time zones love it very much. After the new GMT-Master II launch, although some watch lovers feel that “the soup is not changed,” the left crown’s design has attracted the attention of some “left-handed” groups.

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