For many watch lovers, there is a need for the formal occasion for formal wear, but formal wear is indeed a bit limited in ordinary daily life. Take me as an example, first of all, there is less demand for formal occasions, followed by me It doesn’t quite match the style of the small round watch in formal wear, so I think there must be a watch that can take into account daily wear and does not delay the attendance of formal wear. Such a watch is a better choice, so I thought of introducing it to you today. Three models take into account both formal and casual styles.

Rolex Cellini 39mm Men’s m50525-0009 Rose Gold-tone

Watch reviews:

The classic circular design with a diameter of 39 mm is the traditional symbol of the brand. At the same time, the carefully shaped lugs, polished decoration, and the double outer ring composed of a domed outer ring and a triangular grooved outer ring make the watch more distinctive. Among them, the triangular pit pattern, which symbolizes Rolex, is used for the screw-in case back. The case back is domed as in the previous design. The flared screw-down crown underlines the refined aesthetics of the Cellini collection.

With simple and elegant lines, noble and magnificent materials, and exquisite and luxurious decoration, every detail conforms to the laws of watchmaking. However, the new watches in this series are not limited to the beautiful designs of the past. Inspired by Benvenuto Cellini, a highly respected artist, goldsmith, and papal sculptor in the Italian Renaissance, the Rolex Cellini collection, on the one hand, returns to its classical roots and, on the other hand, reinterprets its essence of it with a modern approach.

Harmonious. Containing Rolex’s watchmaking heritage, these timepieces are reminiscent of contemporary monumental architecture, with proportions and minimalist lines that work with stylish spaces and light and shadow. The new Cellini watch is free from the constraints of tradition and wholly transformed into a guardian of time. It is also a symbol of luxury style and truly reflects the extraordinary value of the art of living.

Rolex Cellini m50705rbr-0010 39mm Men’s Leather Strap

Watch reviews:

This Cellini replica is a gem-set Cellini with a 39mm yellow gold case set with diamonds and a choice of diamond-set single or double bezels. The double bezel style consists of a bezel set with diamonds and a classic triangular grooved bezel. The bezel is a triangular-shaped outer ring and a single-ring diamond set with a black dial, and the extended hour markers are set with exquisite diamonds.

As we all know, Cellini’s crown is lovely, and the flared winding crown is polished and polished with the Rolex crown engraved on the top. The black alligator leather strap with a traditional pin buckle is beautifully crafted, polished, and decorated with the Rolex crown logo in the center. The golden case, glossy and rounded, exudes a unique dark light on the side. The lugs are also finely carved, small and sleek. The bezel is set with 62 exquisite diamonds, with a narrow ” dog tooth ring” on the periphery, which is small and beautiful. A circle of diamonds and the still thin bezel of the ” dog tooth ring” make the dial look more extensive and more decent.

The dome-shaped blue crystal mirror, the design of the big three hands, the sword-shaped hour and minute hands, the black dial, the extended hour position is set with exquisite diamonds, the transferred white 60-minute circle, and the midnight positions. The inlaid Rolex Grand Crown logo makes the overall design simple and elegant, and the diamonds add a noble style.

Rolex Datejust Unisex 31mm m278274-0018 Automatic Winding

Watch reviews:

This Datejust has a diameter of 31 mm, and I prefer this complete calendar clock, which both men and women can wear. The green dial interprets simplicity and sophistication. Even though it has a rich functional display, the entire calendar window is at three o’clock. The case and strap are made of Oyster stainless steel, which is not easy to corrode.

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