Swiss Replicas Gm Log 36mm Rose Gold 2018 New Log 14k Gold Series


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GM diary 36mm rose gold 2018 new diary 14k gold series. Due to continuous pursuit and continuous improvement and improvement, we have overcome various gold-clad processes and officially launched: the authentic 904L steel-clad gold series, which is wrapped with 9999 real gold 0.30mm flakes on the surface of the 904L steel, and the side of the strap has also been modified. The gold reveals the defects of the steel. It is definitely not the “instability process of gold-melting water coating” used by other manufacturers. The advantage of this factory’s process is to keep the golden parts of the watch from falling off and discoloring for a long time; it is not like wearing with other manufacturers’ products. Discoloration appears after a short time. They are absolutely true “904L steel and 9999 real gold” products, and are also based on the mentality of pursuing perfection and better products! The GM version is first compared with the current market (the difference between the old models before 2018 is: 1. the difference in the structure of the headband of the watch. 2: the new literal has a “crown” logo under the 6 o’clock position.

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