Swiss Replicas Rolex Day-date Series 118135/118138/118139 [All Eight Colors]


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Rolex Day-Date series 118135/118138/118139 [All eight colors]. In order to control the size and thickness to be consistent with the official, the 2836-2 fully automatic mechanical movement is specially adopted, and the new 904L steel case is presented! [Upgrade 1] Head tablets. The position is consistent with the official and the strap is smoothly finished! [Upgrade 2] Strap. The original color on the front side is equipped with genuine products, and the code on the back side is 346763. The printing is the same as the official version, as well as the font to the color, and even the line of the strap is synchronized with the official! [Upgrade 3] Glass. The anti-counterfeiting logo on the sapphire glass is a new type of Rolex virtual dot logo and is technically printed in the middle of the glass. [Upgrade 4] Back cover. The printing on the four-angle lugs is the same as the original. It is noted that the printing on the white shell, the gold shell, and the rose gold shell are different! As well as the back cover and the smooth parts are all focused on restoration! [Upgrade 5] Sideways: The sideways curvature and overall thickness of the case are in proportion to the official. The official second-degree waterproof logo is synchronized with the official head. The side is still consistent with the official two-dimensional code! The representative of “Golden Law” is the Rolex Day-Date, Referred to as DD, the official full name is Osyter Perpetual Day-Date (Oyster Perpetual Day-Date), the earliest DD should be the President series, because the president of the United States once loved to weRolex’s full gold DD, so this watch became famous in one fell swoop. It is also what we call the “Presidential Table”. The four simple words have clearly stated the characteristics of this watch: waterproof, automatic, calendar, and day of the week.

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