Swiss Replicas Rolex Sea-dweller Series 116660 (Blue Gradient Ghost King)


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Rolex Sea-Dweller 116660 (Blue Gradient Ghost King)

Super artifact, once again born in N Factory’s newest 904L Super Gradient Blue Ghost King 126660

How simple is it with the previous 116660 Differences:

1. There is a crown logo in the middle of swiss made at 6 o’clock literally

2. The width of the steel strip has been upgraded from the previous 21*17mm to 22*19mm

< p>3, the movement has been upgraded from the previous 3135 to 3235.

4, the old official model is 116660, the 2019 model is 126660

2836 movement and 3235 movement are synchronized on the market The first release

Compared with the previous generation, it has an important revolutionary upgrade, an angry work recommended

Original mold, perfect details 1:1

Ring mouth luminous beads Using original stamping technology, bid farewell to glue, there will no longer be criticism of falling off.

The ceramic bezel also uses the latest original stamping technology, the internal structure is perfectly synchronized with the original, and the turning sound and strength are the same as the original.

The ceramic bezel adopts the original platinum-plated technology, which is durable and meticulous.

The gradual blue face plate has been compared with genuine products and has been debugged countless times, which is quite real.

Super transparent top sapphire mirror, 6 o’clock glass middle crown anti-counterfeiting technology perfectly synchronized with genuine products (only at a specific angle under strong light, not the kind of false effect that can be seen at a glance)

< p>The only steel belt on the market has the original width of the head synchronously widened, which is more comfortable to wear and has a more perfect visual perception (the old version of the steel belt is thinner and narrower). The telescopic structure of the buckle is perfectly cloned, and the latest engraving in the buckle is updated to 022.

The whole watch is upgraded to the original consistent 904L stainless steel, the drawing is more exquisite, the texture is more realistic, and it has the same level of corrosion resistance and wear resistance as the original.

Equipped with classic cost-effective 2836 movement and super 3235 movement (exclusive on the market, real structure non-deck, clockwise, instantaneous jumping calendar, different from 3135) truly super clone from the inside out.

904L version of gradient blue 126660, deserves to be the king of gradient blue

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